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What exactly do you do?

The Wealth Technology Group is an association of financial service professionals headed by Gary F. Thomas, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC, which is geared toward helping individuals, families and small businesses invest, preserve and control wealth, lower taxes, preserve assets, and pass legacies to the next generation in the most efficient manner possible.

How do you do it?

We use an array of innovative tax-reduction techniques and strategies to help reduce your overall lifetime tax burden, including any taxes which may be due at time of death. We utilize select investments: mutual funds, managed accounts, real estate investment trusts, energy shares, annuities and life insurance options, and use those products in a tactical approach intended to create financial stability in what can be a volatile world.

How do I become a client of the Wealth Technology Group?

Typically, when you make contact, you will be offered the opportunity to meet Gary for a telephone appointment, and, should it seem mutually beneficial, a follow-up consultation with either Gary or another professional with experience in your specific area of financial need. Both appointments are without charge or obligation. Should you decide to move forward with a meeting, we will ask you to provide some basic financial data in advance, so that we have the tools to make assessments and set financial goals.

Why must I have a telephone appointment first?

We have found that scheduled phone appointments are a valuable tool in assisting busy people who need to speak with us, but can only do so at certain times. During a phone appointment, we will help you to identify your most pressing financial issues and gather some initial information. We will then be able to answer your specific questions in greater depth and detail.

Is the information I provide confidential?

Absolutely! Your information is held in the strictest confidence and is only used to assist us in identifying and answering your particular investment, tax, asset preservation or estate planning questions. Stringent compliance and good practice demands that no information you share with us is ever sold, rented or traded, and is held in the strictest confidence with the best security measures available. Everything you provide us is returned to you upon request.

How and when does your company get paid?

It may happen in a variety of ways, according to your needs. You may elect to be charged by the hour, or pay a one-time fee based on the nature of the work agreed upon. You can also choose to pay asset-based fees should you use our asset management service. In some instances, we will receive commissions or fees from companies that offer insurance or investments. In all circumstances, any fees or charges will be fully discussed with you and agreed upon in advance. We absolutely promise that you will never receive a surprise bill from our office.

Are you employed by, or do you represent any particular investment company?

We are an independent financial services firm, which represents scores of companies offering financial products and strategies. We work independently of those companies, but are able to select appropriate investment options tailored to your needs and concerns. Gary Thomas is an Investment Advisor Representative with Signator Investors, Inc.

Why do you offer online seminars and workshops?

Every successful brand advertises, even Hershey’s Chocolate and Apple Computers. All advertising is expensive, and may only catch your attention for a fleeting moment. Personal financial concerns, however, cannot be properly addressed in a one-minute commercial or sound bite. Seminars and workshops are proven to be the most effective means of providing individuals and business owners with potential solutions to their financial needs. 

Are all of your clients rich?

Not yet--but we're working on it. The Wealth Technology Group collaborates with individuals, families and business owners from all walks of life. We serve millionaires and people with only a few thousand dollars to invest. We will help anyone who has a sincere interest in improving his or her standard of living by lowering taxes, controlling wealth and creating a legacy for the next generation.

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