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Solutions and Services

At the Wealth Technology Group, we offer hands-on support for the person who prefers that we select investments that suit his or her needs, as well as services for the more sophisticated investor who may seek our opinion about his or her own choices.

We are limited in the spectrum of investments and the companies we select only by the standards of good practice, and offer you only investments which have passed a rigorous due diligence process.   Here is a list of some of the services we offer:  

  • Full financial and retirement planning, and are liaisons for you with other relevant professionals in your life.
  • Evaluation and recommendations on investments based on careful assessment of your needs and attitudes.
  • Private, secure on-line account access with the latest security measures, which are upgraded constantly.    Your private account website would be secure in any case, because it is not an “active” website on which any account can be altered without fail-safe contact with our office or the companies involved.  
  • A full spectrum of allowed online forms to speed the process of servicing your account.
  • Essential Estate Planning, including Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Health Care Proxy and Last Will and Testament.
  • Trust Services, including identification of trusts that meet your needs, and an extensive knowledge of Elder Law and Medicaid Law, which helps avoid costly planning errors.
  • Constant access. We know our clients are active, involved people, and if you encounter problems or questions that don’t fall within our usual scope, we will do our best to help you get those answers quickly

We also provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Bonds
  • Common Stock
  • Educational IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Treasury Bills
  • Government Securities
  • Treasury Notes
  • Variable Annuity

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Plans
  • Investment Tax Strategies
  • 401 (k) Planning
  • 403 (b) Planning
  • College Plans
  • Estate Plans
  • Money Purchasing Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans


  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance