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Your Health is Your Wealth

The health of our clients is a top priority here at The Wealth Technology Group. Unfortunately, due to the continuing seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to cancel ALL workshops in March.

These events will be rescheduled as soon as possible. 


Our clients, associates and friends are our main concern, here's what we are doing to keep you safe.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak is not overtaking our health or our attention at this time, we are putting policies in place right now to make sure we are doing all we can to protect ourselves and you.

  1. Everyone will be asked to use our hand-sanitizer before entering our office (Can't hurt, and it's free! )
  2. Every chair, sofa, table, and surface you will contact will be sanitized between uses. (We have LOTS of spray bottles at the ready!)
  3. Linens and porous surfaces will be removed from tables and serving areas in our seminar/media room to make it easier to sanitize the surfaces we use. (Less cozy, but much safer!)
  4. We will use sanitary, disposable cups to serve your beverages. (Just pretend we’re Starbucks!)
  5. If we serve you refreshments, they will be from safe, local vendors, and will be wrapped or prepared in-house by healthy individuals wearing sanitary gloves. (They’ll still be delicious!)
  6. Should you at some point become uncomfortable meeting at our office or with a group, we will offer you phone reviews and consultations, webinars,   and safe account transactions with email, our e-money portal, or other online tools. (Hey—everybody should be doing that!)

We will notify you if we are experiencing any symptoms, and we know that you’ll take good care of yourselves also

If you feel uncomfortable, you can make the decision not to come to an appointment here whenever you feel the need: the same day, or an hour or five minutes before. We will understand, and be supportive, because you’ll be taking care of us as well as you.

As for right now, stay calm. We’ve always been early adopters, and this is no different.  We’re being more cautious than we probably need to be, in case we have to be.

For More Information:

(Please cut and paste into your browser if these don’t link.)


The Center for Disease Control:

The World Health Organization:

Our personal recommendation on the WHO site:

Coping with Stress During the 2019 nCoV OutbreakHelping Children Cope with Stress During the 2019 nCoV Outbreak.

Best to you all! Call if you feel we can help you in any way.

Gary and Jay Thomas

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Your financial situation is unique, and we believe that each of our clients deserves individual attention. One of our most important philosophies is that there's no single standard approach to wealth management. Our services offer in-depth planning and investments based on the individual interests and assets of each of our clients. We understand the financial goals and needs of our clients, which allows us to tailor a financial strategy that makes the most of your available funds.


Gary F. Thomas, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC 

President, Principal of The Wealth Technology Group

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What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is simply helping to improve an individual's financial situation.Your money can go a long way to setting up a strong, comfortable life for you and your family. Wealth management includes advisory investments such as financial planning, investment portfolio management, asset management, and other monetary services. The Wealth Technology Group is designed to pursue the financial independence you are looking for.

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Whether you're a small business owner, living paycheck to paycheck, or the CEO of a successful company, we provide personal, hands-on budgeting and asset services. Our experienced team of financial professionals is highly selective to help ensure that your money is deposited in suitable bonds, stocks, IRAs, and other appropriate investments. We are experienced in outlining retirement plans, 401k investments, college and estate plans, and more.

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It is imperative to stay up to date with the latest financial trends and information. We offer informative resources about a variety of topics, including Social Security benefits, 401k plans, and estate management. 

With the guidance of the professionals at The Wealth Technology Group, you can be confident that your wealth management team is here to help navigate the ever-changing financial trends.

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